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Qualify potential customers by defining your target market & master your message

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Scale your sales enquiries using digital accelerator marketing strategies

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Convert your advertising expense into sales...


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Customer Feedback

17 Sales leads in 10 days

Anina Spence

Rola Motors Mercedes-Benz has been working with Bertie since 2012 and can highly recommend his services! We've recently done an online campaign and generated 17 sales leads in 10 days. These online campaigns generated high volumes of traffic to our website with consistent new enquiries.

140 New leads in 3 months

Colleen Serebro

Colleen Serebro

Bertie from Network Marketing Services has run various marketing campaigns for our salon in Johannesburg. We had an influx of enquiries. Our incoming phone calls literally doubled from the 1st to the 2nd month while running online advertising campaigns. We collected more than 140 leads in just 3 months.

300% Growth in 5 months


Louis Moller

It is with great pleasure to inform you that our sales went from selling approximately 200m of gutters a week to almost 150m per day! This is a 300% growth in less than 5 months. Our turnover to date has more than tripled, thanks to you.

Grow Your Sales To Grow Your Business!

10X your sales leads by following a proven road map so you can increase your business growth potential



Bertie van Greunen

I had the unique opportunity to study & specialize in helping committed business entrepreneurs scale their sales opportunities online to increase their sales revenue without overspending on marketing budgets

Today I'm extremely proud to have been part of many local businesses in various industries who implemented my strategies and experienced a return on investment in a very short amount of time.

I'm on a mission to help dedicated business entrepreneurs turn their advertising expense into profit so they can 10X their sales leads to increase their business growth potential without huge budgets & frustration

Get in touch with me or my team to learn how we can help your business grow this year

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